Wood Family Home Videos

 Frank's 8MM Movies - converted courtesy of Barry
Haying at the Ranch in the 50's
* Putting up hay, most likely in McQueary Gulch above Tine's old place
* Leonard, Frank, Tine

Parshall - Kenneth's place

* Leonard, Hazel, Nina, Kelley, Carl
* Kenneth, Josephine, Dan, Kathleen
* Grandmother Wood

Loveland- Frank & Family
* Frank, Dorothy, Mark
*Dorothy's Aunt Helen with husband Louis (Greenland), daughter Barb and her husband Herman

 Kelley's 8MM Movies
Feb 1979 - Snowmobiling

March 1979 - West Wind Whirlers

Fall 1979 - Haying

Nov 1979 -Carl and Deb's reception

Nov 1979 - Big Snow in Ft. Collins

1980 Kelley & Carol's wedding

June 1981 - Branding

Sept 1981 - Grand County Fair

Sept 1981 - Kenneith Pioneer of the Year - Reunion at Kenneth's

Fall 1981 at the Ranch

1983 - Doug and Carol at the Ranch

Travis Carl - the early years

Manny's 8mm Movies - provided by Gene
B&W - Dinner at Uncle Leonard's

Grandma Wood at Parshall Chapel

Elmer Wiemer and Ray Black at Mannie's Ranch house

Family picnic at McQueary place on Gram Wood's Birthday

Russel and Alma picking onions and Wood picnic with Sister Kathleen

Gram Wood's trailer in Parshall, At Uncle Leonards with Harriet, Orville, Tine, Margaret & Grand Kids

1961 Christmas at Uncle Leonard's

Gram Wood's Trailer in Parshall

Parshall Sunday School picnic on Elk Mountain

Wood picnic at McQueary place

Wood Picnic on Williams Fork

Hazel - Carl, Kenneth, Uncle Leonard

Mac & Barbara

Harold (Air Force) at Bus & Barbara's

Wood Picnic at McQueary Place - 1961

Corral Creek Ranch

Fred's movies - 8mm reels provided by the family

1949 Minnesota Vacation - J.A. Schrefer

1949 - Twins 2nd Year, Marilyn

* Playing piano, Joan - Byron, Little girl in Wash Park, Pinnie, Pop & Boys spraying Shrubs, Boys climbing tall ladder by D.Room window

1950 Vacation - Canada, Columbia River - J.A. Schrefer

1952 - 1695 S. Garfield, Gosling, Chrismas '52, Summer '53

1953 Minnesota Vacation - J.A. Schrefer

1955 Hunting (very dark) - J.A. Schrefer

Mountain Scenes - Wilfred's Family - J.A. Schrefer

Sunsets - J.A. Schrefer

Tetons and Yellowstone National Park

The Twins - First year (Norm & Dick - 1947-48)

1956 Planes and North American Van Lines

Shamrock Drawing

Up Home, Dam, Deer & Christmas Trees

George 1-2 Yrs.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier/Kids Playing/2 Bears/Pumpkins (1956)

Marilyn & Nortwest Trip

Kids Playing/Bear Skins (1957)

Steve's 5th Birthday (1957)

Steve's 7th Birthday (1959)

1958 Norm, Dick, Bug

1959 - Freight Train, Kids on Bikes, Fishing

Kenneth's Sawmill - Cream Train

Family Reunion

Marilyn and Steve's Birthdays

Kids Playing in Yard - Steve's Cast (1961)

1961 Family Picnic at the McQueary place

1963 Family Picnic - Planes at Stapelton

Easter - Twitchy Mac

Easter (Deer, Easter, Fire Trucks)

Building the New Garage

Pouring Concrete

Peach Tree


Hula Hoops

1965 Gram Wood's Birthday

Marilyn & Ron's Wedding (Oct 7,1967)

1969 Brandy - TTM&L Swimming

1970 Labor Day

Autumn & Rockets

1970 August, Haying at the McQueary place

* Leonard on the stack, Kelley on the bull rake, Mark on the Plunger

1970 Fall - Leonard mowing hay at the McQueary place

* Leonard on 1953 Ford NAA Jubilee

1970 - Cattle Branding, model airplaines

1970 - Gathering firewood, gold panning

* Gold panning under the bridge in Byers canyon

1970 Bear Den, Popcorn

Snowmobiles and Cows - 1970

Snow, Snowman, Snow Tunnels

Big Boat


Porcupine, Christmas Tree


Niagra Falls - Dog playing ball

Hunting Blue River - Halloween - bunny costumes

Hunting Camp - Brown Place

Rabbit Ears - R.R. Bunny

Aspen in Color

Firewood and Grub Olympics

Theresa's Graduation

1976 South Dakota, Badlands, Mt. Rushmore

1976 Bottles (lots of bottles, not best use of a movie camera)

Christmas 1976 at Englers

Cindy, Lucy and some cats

Camp Grub - Jan 1977 - Sledding and Tube Train

Camp Grub Olympics - 1977 +Frogs and Firewood

Spring 1978 - Flowers

Mom & Dad's House (dark)

Beaver Dam - Larry & Chris

Bottles (out of focus)

Cedar Ridge

Deb's Dogs

Winter - Ice Fishing

Denver Zoo + Cabin

Humming Birds - Camp Grub

Christmas 1978 - Cutting Trees

Cripple Creek & Back Yard


United Open House & 747 

Knotts Berry Farm

Hunting - McQueary Place

Winter in the Mountains

1977 Air Show

Ron's Bull Elk, Christmas

Mountains - Lake Granby (dark)

1982 Big Blizzard - Nanuk of the North and his Driver

Mighty Mouse - B&W Cartoon

Foghorn Leghorn in "Growing Pains" - A Warner Bros. Cartoon