Wood Family Home Videos

 Fred's movies - 8mm reels provided by the family

1949 Minnesota Vacation - J.A. Schrefer

1949 - Twins 2nd Year, Marilyn

* Playing piano, Joan - Byron, Little girl in Wash Park, Pinnie, Pop & Boys spraying Shrubs, Boys climbing tall ladder by D.Room window

1950 Vacation - Canada, Columbia River - J.A. Schrefer

1952 - 1695 S. Garfield, Gosling, Chrismas '52, Summer '53

1953 Minnesota Vacation - J.A. Schrefer

1955 Hunting (very dark) - J.A. Schrefer

Mountain Scenes - Wilfred's Family - J.A. Schrefer

Sunsets - J.A. Schrefer

Tetons and Yellowstone National Park

The Twins - First year (Norm & Dick - 1947-48)

1956 Planes and North American Van Lines

Shamrock Drawing

Up Home, Dam, Deer & Christmas Trees

George 1-2 Yrs.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier/Kids Playing/2 Bears/Pumpkins (1956)

Marilyn & Nortwest Trip

Kids Playing/Bear Skins (1957)

Steve's 5th Birthday (1957)

Steve's 7th Birthday (1959)

1958 Norm, Dick, Bug

1959 - Freight Train, Kids on Bikes, Fishing

Kenneth's Sawmill - Cream Train

Family Reunion

Marilyn and Steve's Birthdays

Kids Playing in Yard - Steve's Cast (1961)

1961 Family Picnic at the McQueary place

1963 Family Picnic - Planes at Stapelton

Easter - Twitchy Mac

Easter (Deer, Easter, Fire Trucks)

Building the New Garage

Pouring Concrete

Peach Tree


Hula Hoops

1965 Gram Wood's Birthday

Marilyn & Ron's Wedding (Oct 7,1967)

1969 Brandy - TTM&L Swimming

1970 Labor Day

Autumn & Rockets

1970 August, Haying at the McQueary place

* Leonard on the stack, Kelley on the bull rake, Mark on the Plunger

1970 Fall - Leonard mowing hay at the McQueary place

* Leonard on 1953 Ford NAA Jubilee

1970 - Cattle Branding, model airplaines

1970 - Gathering firewood, gold panning

* Gold panning under the bridge in Byers canyon

1970 Bear Den, Popcorn

Snowmobiles and Cows - 1970

Snow, Snowman, Snow Tunnels

Big Boat


Porcupine, Christmas Tree


Niagra Falls - Dog playing ball

Hunting Blue River - Halloween - bunny costumes

Hunting Camp - Brown Place

Rabbit Ears - R.R. Bunny

Aspen in Color

Firewood and Grub Olympics

Theresa's Graduation

1976 South Dakota, Badlands, Mt. Rushmore

1976 Bottles (lots of bottles, not best use of a movie camera)

Christmas 1976 at Englers

Cindy, Lucy and some cats

Camp Grub - Jan 1977 - Sledding and Tube Train

Camp Grub Olympics - 1977 +Frogs and Firewood

Spring 1978 - Flowers

Mom & Dad's House (dark)

Beaver Dam - Larry & Chris

Bottles (out of focus)

Cedar Ridge

Deb's Dogs

Winter - Ice Fishing

Denver Zoo + Cabin

Humming Birds - Camp Grub

Christmas 1978 - Cutting Trees

Cripple Creek & Back Yard


United Open House & 747 

Knotts Berry Farm

Hunting - McQueary Place

Winter in the Mountains

1977 Air Show

Ron's Bull Elk, Christmas

Mountains - Lake Granby (dark)

1982 Big Blizzard - Nanuk of the North and his Driver

Mighty Mouse - B&W Cartoon

Foghorn Leghorn in "Growing Pains" - A Warner Bros. Cartoon