Wood Family Home Videos

 Manny's 8mm Movies - provided by Gene

B&W - Woody Woodpecker - Solid Ivory (Castle Films cartoon)

B&W - Hopalong Cassidy - Hidden Gold (Castle Films)

B&W - Dot's 8th Grade Graduation

B&W - Football, Basketball, Wrestling

B&W - Ranch, Dinner @ Leonard's, Christmas, Horses, Family

B&W - Whole Family - new 8mm camera

B&W - Charlotte's Twins at Marian Coon's house

Gram Wood at Parshall Chapel

Dorothy, Gene & Barbara Coon with the cows

Playing horse shoes, Crabbs visiting the ranch

Dorothy's 8th Grade party @ the Wheatley's

School bus, Calves Mitzi & Fritzi, Mom & Dad milking

Deer, Con Richards, Mom & Dad - Pictures, Scholls with Granddaughter

Elmer Wiemer and Ray Black at Mannie's Ranch house

Spring at the Ranch

Gram Wood & Mom with Dorothy's 8th grade graduation dress

Football game in Kremmling

Dad & Scholls blasting ditch and building reservoir

Dorothy & Barbara in swimsuits

Dorothy, Barbara & Gene in the reservoir

Gene feeding lamb, Mom in the garden

Winter feeding with team and sled

Deer & Train

Laureen & Joe Meyers

Mom & Dad - Fighting

Dorothy & Margaret - Playing Saxes

Trip up to Ed Veits

Ski Hill - Hot Sulphur Springs

Family picnic at McQueary place on Gram Wood's Birthday

Irrigating at Stine Place for Kenneth

Branding - at Tine's and at Manny's

Stine Ditch Washout - at Leonard's reservoir

Plowing the potato patch

Mom & Gram Wood

Baby Chicks in the barn

Marian Coon - Taking Census

Dad & Baby Lambs

Russell & Alma - gathering onions

Family Picnic - Sister Kathleen

Flowers at the Ranch

Mom & Robert - Fred & Inelia McMahon

Uncle Leonards - Harriet, Orville, Tine, Margaret & Grandkids

Pictures of the Ranch


Ira Foster - Mom & Flowers

Horseback Ride - Mrs. Brumfield, Marian Coon & Mom

1959 Christmas at the Ranch

Christmas at the Coon's

1961 Christmas at Uncle Leonard's

Mom & Gram Wood getting into pickup

Uncle Leonard's family at the Ranch

Our family heading to town - at Gram Wood's in Parshall

Ted McMahon plowing snow

Gene with Santa and Dad's Star

Grandma & Grandpa Bode's 50th anniversary with Gram Wood

1963 Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa Bode's

Christmas at Bob & Kassy's apartment

Trip to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons & Mt. Rushmore

Grandma & Grandpa in Louisville

Grandma at the Ranch

Pictures of Elk Mountain (Harold took before going into Air Force)

Fall colors on Corral Creek

Harold leaves for Air Force

Harold (Air Force) at Bus & Barbara's

Harold in the Air Force

Wrestling in Kremmling

Football - Norwood vs Granby - 1960

Kremmling Days and Fair - 1960

Exhibition Baseball game - Pirates vs. Phillies @ Denver Bears Stadium, 1961

Track Meet in Kremmling

Mom, cats & chickens

Parshall Sunday School Picnic on Elk Mountain

Wood Family Picnic @ McQueary Place

Williams Fork Reservoir

Snow Storm, Sept 2, 1961 @ Ranch

Football - Kremmling vs. Steamboat

Mom & Baby in Kremmling

Football - Kremmling vs. Hayden

Dorothy, Linda Noell & Margaret Crabb - Drill Team

Load of wood turned over at the switchback

Flowers, cat & Mom

Chuck Mugrage on stilts

Deer season

Scruff & Mom at Krenzien's place

Dinner at Taussig's with Coles, Linda and Vivian Smith

Putting roof on the barn

Leonard and Mary Lou

Corral Creek running wild in the spring

Going to Grandma Bode's for Easter

Wood Family Picnic up Williams Fork

Picnic with Sawyers on Hoosier Pass

Robert, Leonard, Kassy & Mary Lou

Dorothy, Gene & Barbara Coon - Water Fight

Dad, Scruffy & Kids

Flowers and Garden at the Ranch

Esther Infanger, Elsie, Warren Mann & son Lyle

Football game in Kremmling

Mom, cats & Ring

Kassy, Kenneth & Josephine and Uncle Leonard's family

Mac and Barbara

Full Moon

Pat and Duane Sholl & Kids

Dorothy, Gene & Jane Coulter sledding

Dad's Star in the Sky

Ira Foster taking some of the family for a ride

Cattle at the Ranch

Steve Sheriff - Mrs. B and Riggs

Ranch in Winter

Ira Foster and Dave Braden with Bear

Deer on Corral Creek


Trip to Okalahoma

Robert & Kassy Wedding - Dec 30, 1962

Dorothy & Bob Wedding - June 27, 1965

Harold & Glenda Wedding - Nov 20, 1965

Leonard & Joan Wedding - Dec 12, 1965

Gene & Laura Wedding - Dec 16, 1972

Frosty Trees in Hot Sulphur Springs - Deer

Boys on Gene's Honda

Wood Family Picnic @ McQueary Place (John & Thad are babies)

Cars at Deer Season

Pansies and Yard in Summer

Grandma and Grandpa Bode's 55th Wedding Anniversary

Dad as Santa Clause - Hot Sulphur Springs

Picnic with the Coons, Radke & Rumsey - 1968

Sulphur Days parade & Gymkhana

Gas Dedication at the Court House

Terry in the coal bin

Snowmobiling at Sheriff's

Dougie - Christmas 1973


Denver & Rio Grande Train

Round Up Riders - 1967

Wilbur Olsen plowing snow

Wreck west of Hot Sulphur Springs (Tanker)

Sulphur Day's Parade

Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders